This is the week that was: Framing, briefing and searching

It’s oddly sunny for this time of year – which has put us all at Earnest HQ in a chirpy mood. It means we have been particularly hard working in finding the best of the best articles for your reading please. And here they are in this, the week that was.

Important point of the week

One of our newest favourite blogs to peruse over a cup of coffee is ‘adliterate’ – written by the ever insightful Richard Huntington (take a look). Amongst a raft of great posts sits a particular gem about the importance of a good client brief. The point he makes should be shouted from the rooftops by any good marketer – the difference between a good and bad brief at the start of a project can make or break what is to come. The most salient point is about starting with the problem, not with the solution; something many of us are guilty of. Get this right and the results will speak for themselves.

Behavioural lesson of the week

Dave Trott has the wonderful ability to pull from his wealth of knowledge to tell stories to fit his point perfectly, and there is no better example of this than one of his latest posts. This week Dave uses the ancient Indian religion of Janism to discuss framing and re-framing – demonstrating how we can reverse buyers preferences by presenting the same facts (or message) in a different way. Dave says it’s all about context. As marketers our job is to control the context – and thus we influence the choice. It’s all part of a bigger behavioural economics subject in marketing, but an important one to get your head around.

Measurement advice of the week

As the content marketing river runs wild, businesses and their marketing departments are learning this is really a case of be there or be square. But content marketing isn’t just getting a few infographics ‘seeded’ out there and crossing your fingers anymore – it is (or at least should be) a big piece of your strategy that needs to be measured properly. Sanket Patel from the Search Engine Journal agrees, and this week gives his list of 8 content marketing KPIs you can’t afford to neglect. From keeping track of unique visitors to the most interesting click patterns, heat maps and geo-targets – this is a great checklist. Take a look.

Search bits of the week

A ‘This is the week that was’ first. We have seen a few good search advice posts this week, so will share a medley in one point. The first comes from search engine land with its fabulous periodic table of SEO success factors – most importantly showing which factors work best with each other. The second comes from Search Engine Journal with its advice on how to make the most of Google+ to boost your search ranking. Finally the Telegraph treated us to 15 features that are hidden away in the search engine (warning: you may be getting Google to do barrel rolls all day).

Blog of the week

The American ‘Creative technologies’ conference has been dubbed the TED for marketers. Sadly we can’t make it, but the blog on the event site has some fascinating stuff to browse through. A particular favourite is the future role of AI in advertising and the post about Big Data not necessarily leading to better results. Grab a cuppa and enjoy.

Amusing observations of the week

When you think about it, it’s actually quite amazing how much time we spend in meetings talking about menial things. Potentially we have lost sight of the customer – what they really want and really care about. This amusing post makes this very point very well. Funny stuff.

By Earnest 7 October 2013

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