This is the week that was: Stick your neck out

As the summer holidays draw to a close and the world stumbles back into their routine, we have happily been beavering away – harvesting the best of the best from the field of content online.

Here are five of our favourites:

The simplicity of difference

Dave Trott really does have a way of words. His most recent book, A master class in out-thinking the competition, tells some fantastic tales of how brands think outside the box to stand out from the competition. In this week’s blog Dave talks about the very simplicity of the need to be different. Whilst first sounding blindingly obvious – the risk behind popping your head above the parapet seems something some businesses are not quite ready for. Well worth a read.

Surprise, surprise

As organisations get to grips with the world of Big Data, our obsession with analysis and efficiency is going into overdrive. However, as we strive for perfection in our processes are we beginning to lose the ever so important element of surprise? This week talks about the importance of surprising and delighting your customers and how ultimately it may be more effective than all of those efficiency means put together.

Playing on your emotions

Us B2B marketers find it very easy to see ourselves as in a separate camp from our B2C counterparts. After all it’s not shampoo we are selling – these products could completely change a business and the working practices for everyone in them. For this reason we seem to focus on the rational buyer – focusing on selling features that make it best fit for a business. It’s clear, however, emotions have a huge role to play in purchasing decisions. Sherry Lamoreaux this week discusses the emotional triggers in the buyer/seller relationship, explaining that 50% of a buyers experience is based on emotions. The old saying rings true – ‘Business people are people too, they just happen to be at work’

Personalisation in marketing – raising the game

<Hello John>, as you well know personalisation has reared his (often ugly) head in all manner of campaigns. But as technology evolves the sophistication the ways businesses can give the personal touch in their communications has really ramped up. This post shows us where personalisation is best used and the three big benefits it brings – and important message when you take into consideration that only 19% of marketing departments say they are doing it well. Thought provoking stuff.

Digital reaches the top of the tree

‘Digital’. A word that has represented forward thinking for the last few years. A dark art to some, the be all and end all for others – but certainly one that is begging to make waves. This week McKinsey published results from a survey on the place of digital marketing within the business. It seems ‘digital’ has now made it to a strategic priority – with C-level execs wading in to give some backing to big data and digital innovation in particular. So are we seeing the tipping point of digital becoming part of everything a business does? Let’s wait and see.

So that was the week that was. We would love to you to share your best bits.

By Earnest 30 August 2013

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