This is the week that was: Social goes pop?

Just because the leaders of the world are furiously debating in a room and the sun has decided to take his hat off and pack up for the winter doesn’t mean us marketers aren’t busy creating the usual river of content.

Which is wonderful news, as we have some easy pickings for the best of the best in this, the week that was.

Dubious connection of the week

As the football season gets into full flow in little old England and our friends across the pond sit down for the start of their NFL craziness, Jenna Harrington ponders on the big 5 things we as B2B marketers can learn from the increasingly popular fantasy league set ups. It may be a tenuous link but there are some really salient points in there – ‘encourage collaboration and user-generated content’, ‘build hype around the marketing programs’ and ‘do what you can to keep your audience engaged’ (it’s not all lead gen). Lots to learn.

Big warning of the week

A number of people still bang the social media drum as loudly as they can. Don’t get us wrong, we know it works wonders for a number of our clients – but three years after the mad hype, has social performed as we thought? David Benady believes not.  He explains that as the use of social platforms matures, brands continue to struggle to keep up, with some daring to utter it "this may not be the mass-marketing tool they had hoped for".  So is the bubble about to burst? Well, in this crazy age who is to say. There is certainly a place for it within marketing strategies but brands certainly need to ‘focus on engagement rather than a short term promotional tool’. Thought provoking stuff (and a spark for a very lively debate)

Website of the week

There’s not too much you can say about a chocolate bar. Especially one that has been around since the beginning of time. They’re pretty tasty, generally good for you and work well as a treat (especially as part of a nice break). So when Google decided to follow a theme and name the new Android operating system after something delicious, KitKat were handed a marketing gift horse. And who is going to look one of those in the mouth? They acted on the opportunity well – creating a beautiful site, selling a chocolate bar as if it were a beautiful piece of tech. All we can say is have a look (a particular high-light is the ‘small print’ at the bottom)

Stats of the week

We love statistics. You can’t get enough of them (on which note, take a look at our Vital Statistics for B2B Marketers video). This week we loved crunching through the big 10 stats from econsultancy on digital media – with mobile commerce upping it’s game, Asian businesses increasing their digital spend and consumers concern around mobile security. Stattastic.

Science lesson of the week

After reading the excellent Decoded by Phil Barden our fascination with buyer behaviour psychology has ramped up. Phil’s company Decode this week released some fascinating research into what they call the ‘peak-end effect’ – looking into which points marketing communication have the biggest effect on leaving the prospect with a positive impression. The findings are eye opening and may shape our industry in the coming years. Lots of material in there, but certainly not a word to be ignored.

Mobile advice of the week

The app crazy world has always left brands assuming that with an increasingly diverse range of devices, developers need to not only tackle each and every baffling app store process but creating a series of versions of the app to work on each device. This week, however, BBH labs shared a great article about the options for a native app vs web app and when each is best used. It’s a question that comes up on a regular basis and this may well be the answer.

By Earnest 6 September 2013

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